Sylvia Abraham | Owner & Lead Floral Designer

I am a fun loving floral designer who has a passion for people, love and the beauty of flowers. Let me take you on a floral adventure right up to the day of your wedding that will be stress free, enjoyable and memorable. I believe that getting to know you both better, inspires me to create beautiful custom floral designs that will reflect your personalities and style. After all these years of driving people insane with my fussiness over the smaller details and finishing touches, it now is such an important part of my job.

I have been lucky to have had a previous career as a social care worker, that I was also very passionate about. The qualities I needed for this job has most definitely helped me connect with couples during a time in their lives that is very exciting but can also be stressful. I bring a good listening ear to get the true sense of who you are as a couple, a fun sense of humour to dissipate that stress and the talents to create stunning flowers for your wedding.

I have been drawn to flowers all my life but never considered it as a job. I satrted out with some intensive training days with my Aunty. Then in January 2014, I took the crazy leap of faith to leave my long term job and train with the talented Nick Priestly of Mood Flowers in Glasgow.  Our paths were destined to cross considering the fact he was the only floral designer I was drawn to out of many others and then to be told when I showed my husband his website that he had been to school with him. This training then gave me the opportunity to learn from Susan Mcleary of Passionflower. Nick convinced me that I really should attend The Chapel Designers Conference and I am so glad I did.  Having the opportunity to train with the super talented Holly Heider Chapple and becoming a member of The Chapel Designers has been the most significant part of my floral journey so far. This is an international collective of wedding and event floral designers who I have become close friends with and have enjoyed working with.

The most important things to me are family, friends and my two dogs. Then comes the love of flowers, having fun, travelling and if I can just squeeze chocolate in on the list there too I'll be grand! I have three beautiful, funny kids and a very supportive husband who has had so much belief in me following this crazy, exciting dream of mine. This has allowed me to be open to so many fantastic opportunities.

Life is about filling it with as many fun and enjoyable experiences with the people you love.

Let me be a part of your biggest adventure yet!

I'm proud to have had my work featured in numerous online and print publications such as Style Me PrettyConfetti Magazine, Weddings Online, Ireland's Wedding Journal, One Fab Day, Botanical Brouhaha, and more.